DirectorKhorda LLC is engaged in alternative energy sources, particularly in planning, building, moderning, automatizing of the hidroturbines and generators, and  in production and setting of power equipments for Micro and Small HPP. The company founder is Vazgen Perikhanyan. Though Khorda LLC is founded in 2006, in fact it is the descendant of ‘’Izodrom’’, ‘’Energia’’ and ‘’Tsovak’’ Limited Liability companies, the first of which is founded in 1990. For the existence of such a short period of time the company has managed to produce, montage and successfully put into operation  63 hydroelectric power stations in different regions of the Republic of Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and Georgia. The total number of units exceeds the number of 129, with a total capacity of more than 110MWt. The corresponding automatic and power equipments,the design, construction for each SHPP  is done according to the typical indicators of a station (each unit demands an individual approach). The company makes 6 types of hydroturbines, each of which has its working conditions. The company’s  main production base is located in Charentsavan. The company has many years of working experience,high qualified engineers,technologists in power engineering and other specialists, with practice and knowledge, whose hard work brings quality and reliable products. Product quality and reliability is carried out in modern equipped laboratories.



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