Khorda LLC has 25 year history in alternative energetic sphere, particularly in the design and manufacture of micro and small hydropower plants. The beginning of the activity was the creation of micro (mobile) HPP-s capacity of 80 or more watts, which could be transported in bag or by car. Starting  from 30 kW, SHPS equipments are projected and built by individual orders. Such kind of equipments are built in 63 places.

Pelton, Frensis,Kaplan,Turgo,Propeller – these are the types of hydroturbines which we are producing and each of them have their special conditions. We have great experience especially in the field of creation and exploitation of bucket and sloping jet hydroturbines, that can operate under high water pressure (that is typical for the armenian mountain rivers) and use a small amount of water. Besides producing Micro and SHPS, Khorda LLC is also busy with planning, researching, moderning and repairing various energetic equipments and systems.

                                                           WORK DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION SPHERE OF HIDROTURBINES

Each turbine is projected and made in accordance to client’s order and plan:

Pressure, H-up to 700m,

Flow, Q-up to 200m3/s,

Power, P-up to 15MW



  • More than 25 year experience for producing hidroturbines.
  • Reconstruction,modernization and maintenance.
  • Installation of more than 125 hydroturbines with a total power of more than 110MW.
  • Installation of more than 129 generators with a capacity of more than 110Mw.
  • Great spector of application of modern electric equipments up to 15MW.



imag21Based on years of experience in research and scientific work in the field of hydro power, our company has developed a number of technologies and projects that let us make qualified products with success, make the equipment installation and operation in a short time, as well as provide small sizes and modern design of products. All the products of our company have corresponding certificates given by the Armenian National Institute of Standards.


Arguably, the most important criterion for the quality assessment is the efficiency.This is why the company improves the work of the hidroturbines, generators,automatic structures and their components as far as possible, to make it more useful , more convenient and economically feasible.During an expanded activity, the company has reached high rates,which are not inferior to foreign famous company’s production indices.




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