Automation systems


Depending on customer demand, automatic control systems may differ with their functionality and complexity.  Nowdays the well-known brands (Siemens, Schneider Electric, Merlin Gerin, Mitsubishi Electric, Owen etc.) with leading technology equipment and systems allow to solve the most demanding customer requirements. Automatic systems are made and designed with such equipments, which can manage, control and completely exploit the station with remote control  in various modes. 

Three degrees for the automatic systems of the SHPP are offered:

1.Full automatization without operating personnel which includes:

      •  Remote control output of the unit, synchronization,connection to the grid.

   • Local dispetchering, local and remote control and signaling of parameters.

      •   Archiving of important parametres and control of previous parametres.

      •   Protection system of the units and automatic generator excitation control.

      •   Visual control of a dam, a powerhouse and substation, using video cameras.

      •   Control and signaling flow of the water level in the dam.

      •   Providing optimal mode according to water.

2.Partial automation in the presence of exploiting staff, in which case 50-70% of what is mentioned in the 1-st  paragraph is done depending on the customer’s requirement.

3.Nodal automation, in which case the automation is about 20-40% and the exploiting  and servicing  staff must definitely be present.

Automatic systems are installed  in switchboards with modern design produced by our company. These switchboards  are designed to be installed in closed areas.

In the process of automation our company also applies its devices and systems which are of high  reliability and quality so as the analog ones, while they are  cheaper and more elementary.

Inserting these systems can also be applied to an already working SHPP without  changing  the main components and devices.



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