Measuring and monitoring instruments


Control and measuring devices have  an important role for SHPP. The greater the variety ANDO004of these devices, the more information we receive. Depending on the order and type of hydrounit the  list of control and measuring devices may be different.

The main list of devices installed by our company includes the following devices:

• active energy meter or energy analyzer,

• meter phase current generator,

• synchroscope,

• power factor meter,

• the output voltage measurer of the generator,

• voltage measurer,

• frequency measurer,

• frequency measurer of generator voltage,20140515_132937

• generator tension voltage measurer,

• generator tension current measurer,

• generator shaft rotation sensor,

• pressure meter in the main pipeline and in the turbine,

• different devices and systems operating position  indicators.

Control and measuring devices and indicators are set on iron/metallic/ switchboard with modern design made by the company. The design and color of metal switchboards may be specified by the customer.



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