Relay and micro controller protection

Automatic protection system – a set of electronic, microprocessor, relays and electrical systems, which increases the reliability of the unit and its additional systems and reduces the human factor.


Here are the main directions of work organization for a safe object through automatic protection system:

     •  control of performing a processes,

     •  registration and archiving processes,

     •  alarm in case of an adequate protection,

     •   the provision of appropriate actions in case of protection function(shutdown, safe stop of unit, disconnection of electricity, application of security measures, etc.),

     •    warning of possible dangers ahead.

 Depending on customer  requirements  installed protection may be different. In spite of this fact, our company equip  each unit with at least eleven degrees of protection in any order.

             •   overload,

             •   current cutoff,

             •  short circuit to ground,

             •  under voltage,

             •  over voltage,

             •  loss of excitation,

             •  frequency increase,

             •  frequency decrease,

             •  emergency stop (performed by human intervention),

             •  overclock,

   • termal protection,

   • differential protection,

             •  loss and asymmetry of the phase voltages.

  Each protection system designed by our company, is equipped with an independent power source, which is provided for stopping the units safely and for doing appropriate actions in case of the loss of the voltage.



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